Noon — Artists & Records


Noon was an international booking agency and record label headquartered in Ibiza, with offices in Berlin and they hired me as a UX/UI specialist, and later on Brand Strategy.

After our first meeting we both concluded that together we should build something completely different, from brand to online, from scratch.

We worked 100% remote, and only three personal meetings with the Noon Records and Artists teams.

Our main challenge was to build an strong brand and also a functional online (front and back office) for artists and releases inside electronic music culture, also an personal website for every artists and releases database that follows the same system.

Some other roles I played in the company was as a copywriter for the majority of online content. Planned all social media communications for company and his artists and album releases; results include increase of followers and conversion rate over the course of 18 months and all releases were sold out by first month. Supervised other design contractors over seas.

Edit: Back in 2017 this company close his doors.