Santander Rio — Online Banking


Santander Río Bank it is one of the largest in Argentina, with more than 3 millions active clients and more than 300 locations and many awards as a digital innovator. They was facing a serious challenge when they realized that his most important plattform was relying on interfaces and patterns that was being rapidly phased out across his clients.

Back in 2015 I had the opportunity to be part of Agencia EGO team and start a huge challenge: Redesign of the Online Banking and Mobile app experience from scratch.

Luckily we had a many experts and we started in framing a strong UX strategy. Also, working with other consultants and agencies at getting cuantitative and cualitative insights, lead us the way and support to efficiently deliver the necessary results and most important solutions.


The first step was collect updated data and analytics and analize it from a UX perspective. Then try to adquire many qualitative insights using Design Thinking from lot of different user profiles, having emphathy with them and try to find real of the problem, asking the right questions with face-to-face interviews and surveys.

We mapped all insights in Journeys of every profile, using personas and empathy maps. Wathcing all interactions and pain points on same place, help us to understand clients, feelings and motivations.

Most pain-points were coming from the as-is interface, but this also show us about how some products are being understood and used, this was key on future stages.


Based on the challenge size, we divide this stage and run several ideation sessions for almost every “epic”, major issue or flow. We design a very complex information architecture workshop for new navigation, using card sorting among other tools with stakeholders, surveys and focus groups.

Successfully solve almost 100% of the user journeys pain points in just two months and started another phase, that started with wireframing solutions, building prototypes and run user tests. It was a huge amount of wireframes flows for every alternate case of all possible jobs to be done inside the banking or mobile app.

After two years of hard work, great results and collaborating with an incredible team, I step aside when the build phase started, passing documentation to other designers and guidelines hundreds of developers.


The current status of the project, and all this part will be released here in a short future.