Zurich Santander Seguros


The Zurich-Santander Rio Bank  made a M&A back in 2011, focusing on Lat. American market and with insurance products for people, homes, cars and companies; which made it one of the largest insurance companies in the region.

Through an cuantitative-heavy and very fast iterative design process, We (alongside with Agencia EGO team) redesigned all online claim experience, request for quotes, payment and traceability, the finished providing a simple and customizable interface to easily get every job done, increasing user engagement and sales.

My job as UX Specialist was to select the tools for every stage, lead meetings and facilitate workshops, reduce complexity by first framing actual problems that their users were facing, and then translate it in how to optimize the current web & mobile experience to locate and solve every listed pain point. Some deliverables at the end was documentation, a non-functional validated prototype, wireframes for every operation and design system guidelines for the UI and Dev teams.


At the first week, with an Agile mindest, we run a several problem framing and project charter meetings with product owners, managers and business experts, and other stakeholders. We moved next to map the service blueprint, and concluded with a draft version of a as-is user journey, we used Jira, Post-its, Realtimeboard, and Excel as software tools.

We gather all cuantitative data, plus run a few interviews on random users to dig in  those pains framed in previous sessions. We discover many things in that moment, which I’m not able to list here for contract reasons.

Next to this I felt ready to work with the team on ideate the new experience. Using all learning and insights from previous research we were able to explore solutions.

In less than 6 weeks we were able to see a whole improved and new experience that we, client and users approved.


As about 39% of existing users are accessing on mobile devices, it was very important to optimize the design for various screen sizes, also we wanted to increase that number.

We used “mobile first” usage in every paper or digital sketch and made sure that the design is responsive to accommodate user needs.

We found on the research that many users were struggling with the information and navigation, so for the get-a-quote process we display focus for independent tasks on every screen, and a classic low navigation format to give continuity.

As we began to explore this new insurance request flow, the staggered layout of the form elements came into question (too many). We though that there was a simpler way to construct the page and allow the users to navigate with ease. We updated the visual style that was iterated on and this solutions reflected itself into the rest of the app ecosystem. Once an request for quote is placed, then the user can compare, set and decide about the final contract request.

After that phase we builded a mid-fi prototype on InVision, and validate some internal assumptions with interviews and A/B testing,  alongside with some alternate exercises and testing tools. Luckily, the feedback was very positive, and iteration changes were not a problem, we UI design and copywrite some content we were ready to move to next status: MVP, build it and learn more.


The visual status of the project, and all this part will be released here in a short future.