Learnings from FITC Web.Unleashed 2017

I was fortunate to attend 2017 to Toronto’s Web Unleashed Conference, organized by FITC. This year was packed with really full of very interesting and entertaining talks closely related to User Experience Design and Research, even that this event is targeted mostly for a Front-end and Full-stack community.

If you are just starting in the Toronto’s tech community like me, you’ll soon find out that it’s very active, dynamic and updated. This is my personal list of favorites talks I will tell my friends about, the ones that made me laugh, think and motivated me the most.

A Tale of Four Properties

Chris Coyier, founder of CodePen, jump-started the conference with a entertaining keynote about the new ways to shape functions right in CSS, live building a fan site and showing step-by-step how can this tricks can give more interesting interactions to our projects with just a few lines of code. By the way, if you don’t know Codepen, it’s one of the leading playgrounds for the front-end side of the web.

The Fundamental Flaw in Flat Design

If you are thinking about transitioning into UX, you have to start learning about what the guys of Nielsen Norman Group has to say about it. Kate Meyer is one of the many User Experience specialist in the company and her talk was focusing on all the issues they found out in the Flat Design. After a lot of testing and research this company found out that most people struggle with some of the most used components in this style, and if you are using it just be aware of the potential consequences. Not everything is aesthetics folks! 🙂

How to Use WebVR to Enhance the Web Experience

According to Kevin Vandecar, from Autodesk, the Web is going VR in a few years. He show us that there are already beeing tested a lot of apps and technologies focusing 100% on AR+VR, thanks to the many ways to get hardware and how easier it’s going to be building VR experiences with content delivered through a web browser. Autodesk Forge Viewer is a monster app and we all should take a closer look on that.

Other selected amazing talks:

Variable Fonts and the Future of Web Design

by Jason Pamental from Isovera

Storytelling With Software

by Carl Sziebert from Google

Solving Layout Problems With CSS Grid and Friends

by Rachel Andrew from Perch CMS

Big Bang Redesign: Smashing Magazine’s 2017 Relaunch, a Case Study

by Vitaly Friedman from Smashing Magazine