Endless Sound


Endless is an event production company based in Argentina and Bolivia. They call me to rethink branding and online presence/communication. The brand will have an international approach, but with a focus on South America and Europe.

I worked with a small design team under Dimensional studio as lead, redesigning branding and website, plus create copy for social and online content. After one year of the project release the result was over 1,000% in measurable ROI for the client.

Next to the release of the website, with all features ready, we discover that an app with a party-pic functionality can be a game changer on regular promotions for websites oin the events.


So it all started acting as a design consultant and worked directly with the owner, doing sketches on paper and Sketch App. Since the company was having an few weeks ahead important event, project management and effective communication were crucial.

Naturally, the initial stage of branding concept discovery, was trying abstractions of the infinite icon. I tried to get a strong character that can be used on posters or in small stationary applications.

While working on the icon, I was also simultaneously developing combinations of fonts. After a few days we had a final logo with, that also matches with the chosen font.

The website project started with information architecture and wireframe validations. I put a lot of focus on how the events and artists were displayed no matter the viewport size.

The UI design and first prototype came after audit the new branding and some client meetings. The most iterative part was having the On-boarding experience with a subscription to newsletter functionality, and also on how the music will be displayed. We create a special part called “Radio” to put all audio players, giving familiar feeling and more value to that section.

At this stage we also produce all the visual assets required by the site: product feature images, typography selection, and copywriting were created for various pages.

The execution of the Front-end development was made very fast, having the prototype and the component library on Sketch App helped to generate very quickly all stylesheet and components inside the website. We used WordPress as a CMS and Mailchimp for the newsletter.

After a few days  of the release, the refresh was already representing on users a great overhaul in the evolution of the company. The structural and visual changes represented a major facelift in the appearance of the website and didn’t negatively affect metrics.