Noon — Artists & Records


Noon was an international booking agency and record label headquartered in Ibiza, with offices in Berlin.

A few months before I started with them, they reach to me by mail, being referred from a client I worked in the past and they were feeling like they wanted the same thing as my old client. After the first meeting we both concluded that something completely different, from the brand to the online look and feel has to be made, from scratch.

I worked with them completely remote, and only had face-to-face meetings two times with the Noon Records and Artists teams.

The goal of first project was to build an strong branding and functional platform for artists and releases inside electronic music culture, designing an online experience for the company artists and releases database.

In those months I wrote and/or edited copy for the majority of content. Supervised designers, agencies and personnel over seas. Created and supervised production of digital and printed brand materials. Planned all social media communications for company and his artists and album releases; results include increase of followers and conversion rate over the course of 18 months and all releases were sold out by first month.


The new vision of the company it is to migrate all artists database and communications online. The company needs was having a functionality were the promoters or fans can listen music from artists and releases, and can contact them in case of being interested in booking services.

My typical website design process consists of three key stages: 1) Consultancy and definition. 2) Design. 3) Development. In the first phase I made a comparative analysis between similar projects, also did a one day meeting where we validate a MVP and made a list of the  most important features.

In every meeting I took note of all likes or dislikes, not only with the project manager and owner but also the artists. At that point I had a solid idea of what the primary option will be and create some wireframes and UI tests with client’s opinions closely.

A mobile first methodology was perfect to start all final UI shots, and used a classic 12 column grid to design the information architecture. Typography rules and digital branding applications made the final touch for the final presentation.

By that moment, with the client approval and sticking to the budget, we start the Development phase, starting to create a component library and choosing the right framework. After 1 month the website was tested and online and started a second version of the project in another month, with landing pages variants of every artist, release database for the record label.