Pedro Sanoja

2017 FITC "Web.Unleashed" conference review

If you are a first time swimmer in Toronto’s tech like me, you’ll find that is very dynamic and competitive, but without losing the friendly Canadian vibe.

It’s a great event to get updated on Design topics, networking with people from all over, and mind blowing talks. FITC are designed to always ignites new interactions— what can be better?

This year was packed with insightful talks, related with Innovation, Product Design, User Experience and even digital typography (one of my own passions); it was a surprise as I thought this was an event targeted mostly for a Dev community.

So, this was my favorites talks; the ones that made me laugh, think and inspired the most:

  • Variable Fonts and the Future of Web Design by Jason Pamental
  • Storytelling With Software by Carl Sziebert
  • Solving Layout Problems by Rachel Andrew
  • The Fundamental Flaw in Flat Design by Kate Moran
  • A Tale of Four Properties by Codepen Chris Coyier
  • Big Bang Redesign: Smashing Magazine’s 2017 Relaunch by Vitaly Friedman