Hoa Loranger on her journey to become UX specialist

(via NN/g blog)

“Being a successful UX practitioner isn’t about always knowing the answers. It’s about understanding people, and helping them get to the answers.”

“Don’t aim for perfection. Consider the business needs. Learn to fail. Be a leader, not an order taker.”

“Make yourself indispensable to product teams. Listen to their challenges and take note of the known issues. Show how research and designs will help improve their systems.”

“After working in the UX field for 20 years, I know that the road to good user experience is not about technology, but rather about people. Reflecting back, I wish that I dropped what I learned in school sooner. I wish that I understood the importance of being pragmatic over being right.”

“Don’t be discouraged if your organization does not embrace UX right away. Your desire to evangelize UX might feel even more insurmountable when you’re new.”

“Be humble. Ask questions. Allow others to contribute ideas. Collaborate with them and together you will come up with the best solutions.”