Pedro Sanoja

  • Thoughts on typography in digital products
    Thoughts on typography in digital products — Digital designers keeps finding the same constraints and opportunities as “letterpress” print designers from early 20th. Audience, scenarios, content, motivations, technology,… — A IPhone 11 or a 4k monitor is not that different […]
  • Insights by Hoa Loranger in her journey as a UX specialist
    Hoa Loranger’s notes on his journey to become a UX specialist Design practice requires continuous improvement and this is achieved not only from everyday experience, but also from retrospectives. Hoa from Nielsen Norman Group share some insights in her journey. […]
  • 2017 FITC “Web.Unleashed” conference review
    2017 FITC “Web.Unleashed” conference review If you are a first time swimmer in Toronto’s tech like me, you’ll find that is very dynamic and competitive, but without losing the friendly Canadian vibe. It’s a great event to get updated on […]