Pedro Sanoja

Thoughts on typography in digital products

— Digital designers keeps finding the same constraints and opportunities as “letterpress” print designers from early 20th. Audience, scenarios, content, motivations, technology,…

— A IPhone 11 or a 4k monitor is not that different from a magazine or a poster when the goal is taking the information apart and reassembling it for the specific purpose.

— Great type work influences understanding, mood, and meaning in many ways and is an essential part of design. Unfortunately, for many years after the advent of the web, we were unable to apply all but the most basic of typographic design to online content.

— Speed is one of the most critical aspect of web design   so we’ve traded typographic quality for page speed, bringing a lot of experience debts. E.g. fewer font weights and reduced brand fidelity / voice.

 The arrival of variable Fonts changes that. A single font family that acts as many: all the variations of width or weight, italic or slant it all you need. This can be contained in a single, efficient and super compressed file.

 Today texts are more dynamic, optimized, targeted, adjusted to context. Fonts are adapting to this with Variable fonts. Type designers can create all kinds of axes in those, the possibilities are almost limitless.