Pedro Sanoja

To comply with my confidentiality agreement I have omitted and appropriated confidential information.

After Zurich-Santander Bank merge, a huge challenge was presented in our agency on elevating the experience in all their products and give them digital presence.

My role as a UX Design Consultant was taking care of best practices and methods on every stage of the product design process, leading some of them, facilitating workshops with stakeholders, framing the right customer problems and more.

Through an data-driven research and a fast paced process, We were able to develop all online insurance experience, delivering a simple and customizable interface to easily get every job done, increasing user engagement and sales.

39% of existing users are accessing via mobile, so it was very important to optimize the design for various screen sizes and increase that metric. We planned a “mobile first” approach in every ideation session or digital exploration and made sure that the design is responsive to accommodate user needs.

We found on the research that many users were struggling with the information and navigation, so for the get-a-quote process we display focus for independent tasks on every screen, and a classic low navigation format to give continuity.

As we began to explore this new insurance request flow, the staggered layout of the form elements came into question (too many). We though that there was a simpler way to construct the page and allow the users to navigate with ease. We updated the visual style that was iterated on and this solutions reflected itself into the rest of the app ecosystem. Once an request for quote is placed, then the user can compare, set and decide about the final contract request.

After that phase we builded a full working prototype, validating some internal assumptions with usability testing and A/B testing. After some iterations, we get to a solution that the feedback was very positive, and the building stage started.